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Peter Langedijk

Flower bulbs

Previously, they cost a fortune, happy flower bulbs are now affordable for everyone. In the spring you can see these underground wonders pop out of the ground everywhere. “Great, that is what I want too!” Is often a given reaction. But also raises emerging questions such as “What exactly is a bulb? ‘,’ How to plant bulbs?”, “What kind should I plant? and “When is the best time for planting”? Fortunately, planting bulbs is not difficult and there is an answer to every question. Here i give some answers to these questions.

What is a bulb?

A bulb is best described as an underground storehouse and flower factory in one. The bulb is an all-in-one miracle because all that is needed to grow and flower: the flower, leaves and food storage. See with your own eyes? Then cut a tulip bulb in half and see the onion like structure what is the secret behind it all.

Flower bulb history

Flower bulbs are real national products from the Netherlands. The best known is the tulip bulb. Tulips have been cultivated during the Middle Ages and traded in Turkey. At that time the men wore a turban there. The name tulip (Tulipa in Latin) also means “the flower that looks like a turban.” So there lies a beautiful story behind the queen of flower bulbs.

Plant flower bulbs

Because the flower is already present in the bulb, there are no green fingers to be able to plant bulbs. In four steps is done, it always works! Before you know it, you lie with your nose on the ground to see the first green dots above ground car. And that’s just the beginning of the surprise.

Types of bulbs

One bulb blooms every year on new and not the other. Flower bulbs are therefore divided into three different types; 1 year flowering bulbs, perennial bulbs (grows multiple years) and naturalising bulbs.

Difference between spring-flowering bulbs and summer-flowering bulbs

Bulbs have 2 main flowering seasons: spring-flowering bulbs and summer-flowering bulbs. Spring bulbs are bulbs that bloom in spring and should be planted in the autumn. Summer bulbs should be planted in the spring to bloom in summer. To make it even more complicated is in addition to the spring and summer bulbs also have a small group, autumn bloomers. Autumn flowering bulbs should be planted in July after they bloom in the fall.